The Author.

There’s only one author of this blog.

And that person, is actually, pretty unlikely for a blogger. She’s only a high school student, sophomore in fact. She reads books as quickly as you would read a simple short story. In school, she’s pretty much insignificant. Anywhere else, she strives to stand out, yet be normal. That is me.

I’m pretty much normal, if you consider my love for classical music normal for my age. I write a variety of poems, and short stories. Most of my stories are tragic though, so if you wanted something happy at the end, sorry, but my stuff aren’t what you’re looking for. I’m a little chaotic, and eccentric, and I like myself for that. I love Science Class, but I hate Math. Though my teachers often try to convince me that you can really hate Math if you love Science, but then again, I usually think otherwise. You can find traces of me in the net, you just can never be sure, because I have so many nicknames, pen names, and other —names that even I lose track of them.

But that’s just me.

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