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*yawn* This is boring.


Today, is a holiday here in the Philippines, more specifically, Edsa day. It’s the day when our country was freed from Marcos’ dictatorship, and democracy was restored. I had hoped today would be interesting, but alas, no.

So I spent my time watching TV, reading books, eating and sleeping. And from time to time, I would read the stuff on my Tumblr dashboard. I would also open my tumblr page so I can listen to the music on it. When I did so, I realized my tumblr seriously needed a facelift. So I decided to give it one.

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Box is here!


I didn’t go to school today. If you want to know why, just go to my Tumblr and find out. But that’s not what this post is about! I have grandparents from the father’s side who live in the United States, and work there. Every once in a while, they send home boxes full of food, clothes, shoes, and whatever they could think of. And there’s something for everyone in the family. Last night, the boxes came. And as always, I got excited. I get so excited every time because nobody knows what they sent in every time. Last time, it was mostly food. It didn’t last long though, we like to pig out every now and then.

I wanted to open one already, but I can’t get rid of the ropes and duct tape all over it with out dad, so I had to wait. Unfortunately, I fell asleep early, so yeah. This morning, I woke up with a small Fossil tin placed on top of the computer with my name on it. It took me a while to realize it was mine because I was still pretty sleepy at the time. When I opened it, there were three things in it. First was a cute leather bracelet  with gold circles spelling out “Love” on one side, and a small heart pendant with a keyhole on the other. Second was a simple necklace with a pendant featuring two dolphins forming a circle around one pink gemstone. Third, my personal favorite is a purple leather accessory with studs on it. I call it an accessory because I can’t decide whether it’s supposed to be a necklace or a bracelet…

I’ll post some photos when my camera is done recharging.

Nightsoul Bladeheart


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