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Back from blogging break.

Hi! Phew. Good thing I still remember my password to here. Haha.

I’m back from my break, which I declared since I really had to study for our final exams for this school year. It worked out fine, I guess, except for Math, as usual. Let’s just hope I pass for this blog’s sake, alright? I would have been back earlier if I didn’t catch another gaming frenzy of mine. Apparently when I catch it, I forget about everything else other than that game. Lucky for me, I beat it real early, allowing me to get back to blogging now.

Well, today’s the first Wednesday for my summer vacation, and other than the temperature starting to rise, I still can’t feel the summer vibes. 😦 So I’m still quite holed up in my house until next week I guess, but I won’t spoil that one for you.

Today, I am still the same old me. Everytime I find something new, I tend to forget about the thing I was doing at the moment. Such as like this time, I haven’t gotten to retyping in at least half of my story, and I’m already playing with Adobe After Effects. Such a geeky person. But I’m quite sure I’ll get to completing the first half of my story for you guys to see. 🙂

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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Wednesday’s gone Sour. :|

Ugh. Good afternoon.

As of this moment, I am completely infuriated. On normal Wednesdays I would be happily sleeping upstairs in the house. But I’m not. All because someone was a horrible planner.

My Wednesday was pretty much normal, other than my failed attempt at trying to learn dancing, but that’s all right. Heck, I wouldn’t have mind having Isis, PM, and Anna troll me the rest of the day, if that would change what happened. 😐

I got home early, as I always do during Wednesdays. When I came home, I found out -someone- had apparently locked the gates. That wouldn’t have been much of a problem, as long as they still left the key at it’s hiding place. But it wasn’t there when I checked it. Then I thought, “Heck, climb over the gate.” And so I did. Or I wanted to, until I saw that the screen door was also locked. Damn.

I had figured that if the front was open, it would mean they went out back. If that was the case, I could go that way. I threw my bag over the gate and left it there, to reduce load. I then made my way there, only to find out the gate connecting our subdivision to the neighboring one(to where the back door opens to) was locked. I couldn’t climb that one, it had barbed wire everywhere. Fiddlesticks.

I went back to square one, and waited till 4:40 before my aunt came around. She told me that she had brought my brother to their house, and stayed there. She told me she had texted me about it. Well, for starters, I can’t always have my phone with me, because on Wednesdays, phones are a lot harder to hide. And to think about it, she knows that I come home early, so why lock the door and not leave the key? In short, I am ANNOYED. 😐

To think, I came home at around 3:45, and I only get it at 4:40? Awesome. NOT.

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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The fruits of my first attempt at font making.

Hai there.

Told you I’d be busy. Well, this is the font I was working on. Technically, I just converted my friend’s handwritnig into a font, but I still had to fiddle with it to take out a few kinks here and there. But, thanks to High-Logic Font Creator, it was easier than I expected it would be. I also think it came out well.

Version 1 of the Relicgraphy font. The more updated version has smoother lines, bigger glyphs, and adjusted spacings.

I had fun making this. I hope I get to make more soon. 🙂

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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Eh, hai thurr.

Well, basically, I’m waiting for my downloads to finish, because I’ll be making my own font. :>

The software is called Font Creator by High-Logic. Of course, as always, I never really buy any program until I’ve tested it. After a quick run through of a scanned handwriting template, it was MARVELOUS. It came out perfectly. Now I’m just waiting for the download to finish, so I can get making.

Short story: I might be busy for the next couple of days. xD

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A short valentine animaion.

Hi! Good afternoon. 😀

Well, as we all know, (or maybe not, if you’ve been living under a rock) this Monday shall be Valentines 2011. I was bored a little while ago, and I decided to make a short animation on flash for my friends. Now, since I’m too lazy to do it the WordPress way, I’ll just link you to my tumblr post, which contains the short animation I did.

Happy Valentines!

Also, in case you were wondering, the lines were taken from the song Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol. 😀

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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The end day of Intramurals = EPIC.

Hiii!!!! 😀

This day is just what it is. EPIC. Today was the last day of our intramurals, and it was great! Our boys frisbee team lost to the Freshies, sure, but I though it was a great fight. Then it was Shot-Put. Now I know most of you don’t know what that is, so I’ll explain. Basically you stand in a circle, pick up a metal ball (weighs 4 kg for girls, 8 kg for boys), and throw it as far as you can. There aren’t too much rules, except you need to stay inside the circle, and you can’t throw the ball anywhere too far to the left or to the right. We snagged a place in the boys’ division, ain’t too sure about the girls though. And I must say, the juniors’ entrants in Shot-Put were downright scary. They throw far and hard…O____O

Of course, there was the Championship Volleyball match between the Juniors and the Seniors. The game was intense, I wish I had gotten it on video for you guys. The were a lot of long rallies, and spiking here and there. There were also a couple of service aces. But of course, it had to end sometime. At the 4th set, the Juniors were able to win the match, with 3 sets to 1 set.

After watching the Championship game, me and my friends stayed outside the chapel, since there was no where else to go, considering that we weren’t allowed to stay in the Headquarters. And for the next three hours, we talked about random topics, mostly about our love-lives (lol), and doing crazy things like racing while hopping sideways, rolling around on the asphalt, stuff like that. My head even almost got ran over by a bicycle. Haha!

After all the insanity by the chapel, it was time to announce the winners of each game. We placed in most games, but not all. We did get a lot of medals in the Swimming games though. But what was the great thing is that our Futsal Girls reigned supreme by the end of the game. Booyah! And, as unexpected as it was to me and Isis, we won 2nd place. We were so surprised we had no idea how that happened, and if we were really going up the stage. We ended up doing it anyways. Haha.

We also ranked in the passive awards, such as:

  • Best Banner Design (Champion)
  • Best Uniform Design (2nd Runner-up)
  • Most Disciplined Team (Eh!?)
  • Most Organized HQ (2nd Runner-up. I swear, I really think we should have been the Champions for this one)

Well, that pretty much the gist of it. Video uploading is going as planned, I might post again later when the last part of our Cheerdance is up. ^^

Also, here’s a picture of the team banners, hand-painted and drawn (click for larger picture):


From left to right: 1st year Minokawa (Mee-noh-ka-wuh), 2nd year Sinagtala (See-nag-ta-luh), 3rd year Kadaklan (Kah-dak-lahn), 4th year Amihan (Ah-mee-han)

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Day 2 of Intramurals…o_o


Uuugh. Today’s a mix of not-so-good and good events for our team. Some wins, some losses, lots of screaming everywhere. Haha. Today’s also my game in Scrabble, and well, to put it blantly, I got creamed. Meh. But I guess it wasn’t so bad…nah, it was horrible!

The Scrabble games consists of 3 rounds of Scrabble games with 4 players, one from each team. The first game wasn’t so bad, in fact I even managed to get second place! Cool. And in between every game, we get a 10-15 minute break. It sucks that it’s so short, that I could even go outside the room. So I just walked around the room and checked on my other teammates. Isis did awesome, as expected. The boys did good too, but I think not enough, lol.

The second round was erm…FALKJRTAEWLKRJALSKF!!! Nasty. That’s how it was. I could have won the game if only I didn’t make a mistake in my last move in that round. So I ended up third. FDASKLJAE;LKRJA;. The others did just fine, except Isis was complaining she was going to go nuts if the games didn’t end soon. I couldn’t blame her, she was playing against 4th year Megan Isip, the only one in their batch who was able to pass the exams for Ateneo University.

The last round was even nastier than the last. Every one in the table had horrible letter combos on their racks. The letter combos were so bad that even 4th year Bianca Vinoya wouldn’t have made it to over 100 points if she wasn’t the first to empty out her rack. As usual, I ended up third. Meh. After I was done with our game, I watched the other tables. The boys didn’t do too good, ended up fourth. But that’s all right. Isis, well, I wasn’t able to look at their scores, all I know is as soon as we were allowed to go, I went crazy and ran all the way down to the volleyball court.

I made it just in time to see the most intense part of the third set, where they were playing neck-and-neck, both tied at 11. It was a great game, but eventually, our volleyball boys won the game. And we were all like, PARTEHPARTEH!!! 😀

I’ll tell you guys who wins overall tomorrow, I’ll list it down for you. 😉

Oh, and the Cheering/Cheerdance clips are going faster than expected, I should have all of our team’s clips up by tomorrow. I’ll be posting it in the order they performed, so don’t get too cocky. ^^ And, apologies to Team Amihan, I ran out of memory, and I was only able to capture about 4 minutes of your performance. Sorry. ;____;

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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