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After all the waiting…Kisapmata’s here!


Remember the “Sine Juan”ย  thing that had kept me busy for some time last year? Well, after all that, I finally made a way to upload the thing into youtube! YAAAAY! And it’s with subtitles! More YAAAAY! I split it into three parts, go and watch it if you like. But I hafta warn you, WE ARE AMATEURS, so don’t expect anything too flashy. And the fact that I did the subbing in Movie Maker due to extreme laziness. ๐Ÿ™‚

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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Yeah, finally!!!

It’s been a while since my last post…well, I can explain that. Basically because it’s exams week. And when it’s exams week, I really have to focus on my studies, unless I want to fail on purpose. But who does that, seriously? Well, anyways, after days of sleepless nights reviewing, and mornings of panicking in my seat, it finally pays off. Tomorrow’s our Christmas Party, and tomorrow, oh, our sweet, long-awaited Christmas Vacation! PARTY PARTY!!!

During our Christmas Party, we get to go in civilian, and well, we play party games, roam around and the like. Best of all, THERE ARE NO RESTRICTIONS. I just wish it lasted longer. Makes it more fun. Now, I’ll just decide on what to wear and what to bring…

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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Winning and Losing.


I haven’t been posting lately, because school seems to love my expressions whenever I find a new task to be finished when I think I’m already done with a previous one. Thus, I was busy.

I’ve even gotten so busy to the point I couldn’t even go to the Monday and Friday YFC worships. But it’s paying off now, because my schedule is getting less and less hectic, and I can start going to worship again. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Every year, there is a Youth Camp held every year at the school. At the Camp, those who want to be part of YFC, learn more about the worship experience and learn more about God and his work. Anyone can go to this camp, regardless of year level. And current YFC members can also serve in this camp by joining the YCTP, or Youth Camp Training Program, where they’ll be oriented on what they can do to help at the Camp.

When I heard about this, I decided to ask for the bulletin applying for the program. Even though I wasn’t sure if mom would let me go, I still tried because I really wanted to go. And, as luck would have it, mom allowed me, even though I think she didn’t like it, because the training program was to be held on the holiday. Mom had insisted I stay home, but I said otherwise.

Now, if you look at the title, it says; “Winning and Losing.” I wrote it like that, because for some reason, all ups in my life come with a corresponding down. I’m not being pessimistic, it just seems to be that way.

A friend of mine, has been a very, very good friend to me for the whole duration of my grade school life. If it weren’t for her, I would be probably one heck of a loner. Yeah. But these days…she’s being distant…it’s as if she’s being pulled away from me. I’m not saying I don’t want her to be anyone else’s friend, in fact, she’s got a lot of friends. What I’m trying to say is, whenever I try to talk to her, and that other person is there, I suddenly become invisible to her. I’m not mad at her or anything, but I just wish that I won’t lose her.

Anyways, I’m currently very happy, because other than that, and a few other things, everything’s all right! Also, I’m quite hooked on one ofย  Paramore’s old songs, titled “Swim in Silence”. I dunno why, but it’s just soo appealing. I guess it’s because I can relate it to when someone I care about, just doesn’t care about me, quite the opposite, and due to my stubborness, I can’t accept that. Anyways, here’s the song from youtube. ๐Ÿ˜€

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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Ah, fiddlesticks.


Apologies for not posting Saturday and Sunday, I was apparently too busy procastinating, again. Well, anyways, this post shall tackle the events that took place the past week.

Well, the weekdays were perfectly normal, which was strange. The good parts took place on Saturday. As I have said before on a previous post, Saturday was another one of our Shooting Days.

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Ah, Grandmotherly love is a good thing to have…

Yes, that is one thing true in my life.

Hi. I just woke up an hour ago. Usually, if it’s weekends I really won’t bother to wake up early, but today is important, because I have to go to our class president’s house later at 11 so that we can discuss when and how are we going to shoot the scenes for Sine Juan. Yesterday I spend most of the time I was awake last night convincing my mother to let me go. Of course, since I’ve been practicing for years, I eventually got her to give in. At least that’s what I thought.

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Argh…so..busy…*drowns in acid*

Gaah. So hectic….

Today, was probably the weirdest Wednesday ever. Today was basically a day where we fixed up the classroom. First we cleaned the windows, then the shelves, then the chalkboard. Then we went off fixing up the bulletin boards. In that case, I decided to help with the bulletin board in the hallway.

Every once in a while, one of the sections in that floor will be assigned to decorate the bulletin board in the hallway. And it was our turn. We decided to design it with a mix of the themes of Christmas and High School Night. So for the next hour or so, I spent it helping them out. Then the next 3 hours was pretty much idle. Except for this.

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Worst Wednesday. D:

Yeah. Hi.

Every Wednesday, we get to go home a bit early because it’s our ZLL. And if you’re wondering what in the world that is, it’s basically a day of nothing but extra curricular activities. I usually love it, but today was just HORRIBLE.

It all started when I woke up with a cold. I usually don’t get colds, but when I do, it often sticks around for a while. Then when I got to school, I realized I forgot my Cross stitch, my assignment, and my costume for Kinesthetics. Great, just great.

Everything was pretty horrible for the rest of the day, even Computer club was horrible. And it all just had to end where I get left by the bus. It would have probably been less awful if I didn’t see the bus, but I SAW IT LEAVE. They saw me too. And the just made gestures telling me to wait for the next batch. Let’s see…it’s 3:30, and the next one is dismissed at 5:00. Hooray.

While waiting, I realized I had my camera in my bag, so I did a couple of random shots….

My feet, my jogging pants, my shoes.

Gee, doesn't that piece of cloud sticking out at the top resemble a person? O.o

One of the surviving lamps mounted on the school's gate..wonder if it's also functioning?

Some birds which caught my attention for a couple of minutes.

After a while, I longed to get up and see what’s going on, so I did. I got up, and went upstairs to our floor to see if anyone was there. I ended up catching the attention of some of the remedial attendees on that floor. I check our classroom to see if there was anything I missed when I cleaned up. I noticed that no one was there, but the windows were open. Not to mention one of the fans were still turned on. So I turned it off, and closed the windows.

On the way back, I got thirsty, so I paid a visit to the drinking fountain. After drinking my fill, I saw some cows in the distance, and took a picture of them. I also randomly took a picture of the sky…


OoOoOo....big ball of butter in a sea of...water? ๐Ÿ˜€

Then I took a picture of some preschool kids playing in the farm below:

Happy, happy children...

When I got back down to the waiting area for the bus service, my bus was already there. I guess you can theorize what happened then. If you can’t, it’s cramming time!



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