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Today is my birthday…oh joy.

Hi. 🙂

It’s my birthday today! Yaaaay. Haha. Well, you might think my birthday is celebrated like some sort of festivity in the house, well, actually, it’s not. It’s just like any other day, except I get some perks. One of these is that any family outing I propose almost always gets approved. The only time it didn’t get approved was when I proposed a Zipline trip. Heh.

This year I proposed a beach trip, and everyone liked the idea. I had propsed the idea a little early, so we had time to pack and went there early. The beach we chose was the Warrior’s Beach, inside the Marine Base at Tarnate, Cavite. Yes, Marine as in soldiers. You might think you’d see Marines enjoying the beach in swim trunks, and if that’s the case, you’d be well disappointed. The marines there were normal Marines in their training. But the beach was divine, almost as great as our country’s famous Boracay Beach, which is why the Warrior’s Beach is also dubbed as “Boracay of Cavite”. Here’s a nice picture I took of it for you guys. Sorry for the unsightly wire in the middle.

The Warrior's Beach at 2o'clock in the afternoon. 🙂

We had a blast there, swimming in it’s cool waters was something I never got tired of. We got there at around 12 or 11 in the afternoon, and I didn’t get out of the water until 2 o’clock. Haha. Which is why I now have nasty sunburns on my shoulders. It was well worth it, I’ll tell you. 🙂 Now here are some pictures of my family at the beach. (Well most of us anyways.)

My dad annoying a resident goat. Yeah, my dad is really like that, bald and all.

Two of my cousins posing at the beach. You can see my brother in the background, the kid in red shorts.

My two cousins, with my aunt sitting on the beach. The name written in the sand is the name of my other cousin's girlfriend, who didn't get to go because she's in Singapore. 😀

My more-than-just-chubby brother.

Another one of the resident goats. Yes, we like goats and the goats like beaches.

My cousin, yet again. This time she's drunk. Haha.

Well, those are the pictures of our trip to the beach. Tomorrow I’ll post more pictures of me and my family’s trip to Tagaytay. 😀

Nightsoul Bladeheart

PS: I’ll change my header to “A window to a 14 year old girl”s life” now. 🙂

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