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Skary Friday. (Not really)


I just got home from school, and I feel GREAT! Today was just SPLENDID. Not too normal, but not too crazy either.

It basically starts from Math Class, where we had Harmonic Sequences. At first, I wanted to throw my notebook outside the window, but when Miss Toni explained it further, I found out it wasn’t any harder than the Arithmetic Sequences. As it was like most other Fridays, there was an assignment she left with us. It would have been alright, if one of my classmates wasn’t stupid enough to remark on how short our assignment is in front of our teacher. So it happened that Miss Toni decided to add two more HARD items to our assignment. Great.

Everything else was normal, other than the insanely easy essay test for History class. I mean, a 5 item essay test? Each question worth 10 points? What could possibly go wrong? NOTHING! I mean, it would be impressive if someone still manages to fail that one. I, for that matter, DOES NOT LISTEN TO OUR HISTORY TEACHER. But then again, the essay only requires your common sense. And I think I have enough of that stuff.

I spent the rest of the day groaning about how hungry I am, since during our afternoon break, I left my food upstairs, and I couldn’t go back for it, because by the time I got back down, it’ll be time to go up again. 😐

At last, it came to the last class we were attending for the week. Music. All we really had to do was to do two practical tests, and we were free to do whatever else we wanted to. The first test was to sing the Japanese song “Looking for Father”, and the easier of the two, clap a short set of notes with your palms. That aside, I went home.

I immediately did my assignment in Math, although I haven’t finished the two extra items, and sat down in front of the computer. I then checked Katy Towell’s fan page on Facebook. She’s one of my favorite online artists, and animators. When I checked her page, I was overjoyed to find out she finally has the contest details up. She’s holding a contest where in we have to send in an image of our own ghost letter. And the grand prizes are 3 of the letters from her “31 letters of Halloween” posts! Yay! You can check out the contest for yourself here:

Unseen Letters – Halloween in March Contest!

But that’s not all that’s happened. As I was typing this in, I was also checking my account on Multiply. And, I was literally flipping over in excitement, when I saw that Hatah Hatah, my favorite online shop, was also holding a contest! It’s basically a photo contest, you wear a hat you bought from them, and then you send it over to them for judging! You can wear anything, as long as you keep the hat. Yay! 😀

Well, good luck to me, I’ll be entering both contests!

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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Day 1 – Yourself!

Haha, forgive me for posting 5 seconds after the last one, I really couldn’t help it.

After posting that, I hopped off the chair and dug in my supplies closet, hoping to find a blank sketch/drawing book. And I did! 😀 It’s a Best Buy 9″x12″ with 20 sheets inside, so I’m good with this one. Picking it up, I pulled out my trusty pencil, Doodlebob!

And yes, that IS an old, old spongebob eraser. Don’t ask why, this is the most reliable pencil I’ve ever had. 😀

And moving on, I flipped the book open, only to stop to think on how I should draw myself. I finally decided to draw myself the way I look just getting out of bed. And the reference was how I look right now. Yes, I still have bed hair up till now. xD

I only took a picture of it because I only scan my drawings when I want to color them in. >.>

Well, anyways, this is how I look like in the morning. My hair is naturally unruly, but in the morning, it’s like I got hit by lightning. It sticks out in all directions, I drew it tamer than it really is in reality. And this drawing also shows my real hairstyle, and that my hair is really that thick. When it’s completely dry, it’s very fluffeh.

That’s my eyes riight there. And those lines underneath are eyebags. At the time that I sleep everyday, it’s practically impossible that I lose them anytime soon. And those are my glasses, I always draw them as if they’re floating.

And that’s how I dress. Simple, white tee that’s been with me ever since I was six, and only now does it fit me well. It’s also one of my faves, it’s comfy, light, and I can fully stretch in it. 🙂

And I added the cross I got yesterday. =3 I was bored, okay? And by now you should have noticed that when I draw, there’s no basic difference between a boy and a girl.

Watch out for the next drawing, Day 2 – Favorite Animal!


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