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*yawn* This is boring.


Today, is a holiday here in the Philippines, more specifically, Edsa day. It’s the day when our country was freed from Marcos’ dictatorship, and democracy was restored. I had hoped today would be interesting, but alas, no.

So I spent my time watching TV, reading books, eating and sleeping. And from time to time, I would read the stuff on my Tumblr dashboard. I would also open my tumblr page so I can listen to the music on it. When I did so, I realized my tumblr seriously needed a facelift. So I decided to give it one.

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The fruits of my first attempt at font making.

Hai there.

Told you I’d be busy. Well, this is the font I was working on. Technically, I just converted my friend’s handwritnig into a font, but I still had to fiddle with it to take out a few kinks here and there. But, thanks to High-Logic Font Creator, it was easier than I expected it would be. I also think it came out well.

Version 1 of the Relicgraphy font. The more updated version has smoother lines, bigger glyphs, and adjusted spacings.

I had fun making this. I hope I get to make more soon. πŸ™‚

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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Oh my God. This can’t be real. It can’t be.

Oh. My. God.

I can’t believe what just happened today.

Just today, there was a seminar in the school about Media versus Gospel Truths…or something like that. The catch is that to join you need to pass the reply slip and pay P50. And I did neither. Why would I, when I’m honestly uninterested in the topic. If I joined, it’s probably only because it’ll be heldΒ  in the auditorium in the afternoon of a really hot day. But I still didn’t.

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Poster-ing some words.

Okay, long time no writey. πŸ˜€

First of all, I am still not free to keep writing as frequent as I originally was able to, but maybe next week, yeah, maybe.

So anyways, on to the main topic!

Image representing Wordle as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

A few days ago, a friend of mine introduced me to this nifty

site; it’s called Wordle. It’s a site where you can type in a bunch of words, and then the Java App organizes it into a random jumble. They’re pretty handy for posters, and it just so happens I need to make a poster for the computer club. So, hooray, I get to use it. :> The only thing was, I was a photoshop amateur, so I really don’t know how to spice it up. So, good ol’ google directs me to a nifty tutorial on how to make a typographic poster. And it was AWESOME! It’s really cool, here’s the link in case you wanna try it. Oh, don’t worry about needing to understand too many geeky stuff or whatever, it’s very newb-friendly. πŸ˜€

Create a Typographic poster!

Now, if you check it out, you’ll find out it’s using lyrics from a song, and I’ve been so inspired by Snow Patrol lately, I’ve decided to use parts of their songs for my poster! Maybe I’ll show you a copy of the poster when I finish it. ^^


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