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After all the waiting…Kisapmata’s here!


Remember the “Sine Juan”  thing that had kept me busy for some time last year? Well, after all that, I finally made a way to upload the thing into youtube! YAAAAY! And it’s with subtitles! More YAAAAY! I split it into three parts, go and watch it if you like. But I hafta warn you, WE ARE AMATEURS, so don’t expect anything too flashy. And the fact that I did the subbing in Movie Maker due to extreme laziness. 🙂

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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You’re kidding me, right?


Hey, hi. Today, we discussed what we were going to do for our “Sine Juan”, which is basically a movie-making project with an assigned topic. In our case, we were assigned to make a film about Child Labor.

Of course, you can’t start making a movie without assigning who’s gonna do what. So, as usual, our class president ended up as the director, with one of her friends as her assistant director. Then she assigned my good friend Carla, along with Naiza, to become the cameramen…err…women.

But of course, you just NEED to have a scriptwriter. All the while, I was actually wasn’t listening, I was just writing a poem for fun…when I heard my name be called for those who’ll be the scriptwriters. Like seriously, that was unexpected. Me and my good friend Gladys were the ones picked for the job.

From past experiences, I didn’t want the part because I was worried they won’t like what I would make, but then, it would be rude if I refused, so I chose to do a workaround. I kept the task, but I told them that maybe they could give me ideas, because I “wasn’t sure” on how exactly to do it. They agreed, and gave me their ideas. So now, I just have to work on the script and finish before the deadline.

Wish me luck…or not.


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