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Skary Friday. (Not really)


I just got home from school, and I feel GREAT! Today was just SPLENDID. Not too normal, but not too crazy either.

It basically starts from Math Class, where we had Harmonic Sequences. At first, I wanted to throw my notebook outside the window, but when Miss Toni explained it further, I found out it wasn’t any harder than the Arithmetic Sequences. As it was like most other Fridays, there was an assignment she left with us. It would have been alright, if one of my classmates wasn’t stupid enough to remark on how short our assignment is in front of our teacher. So it happened that Miss Toni decided to add two more HARD items to our assignment. Great.

Everything else was normal, other than the insanely easy essay test for History class. I mean, a 5 item essay test? Each question worth 10 points? What could possibly go wrong? NOTHING! I mean, it would be impressive if someone still manages to fail that one. I, for that matter, DOES NOT LISTEN TO OUR HISTORY TEACHER. But then again, the essay only requires your common sense. And I think I have enough of that stuff.

I spent the rest of the day groaning about how hungry I am, since during our afternoon break, I left my food upstairs, and I couldn’t go back for it, because by the time I got back down, it’ll be time to go up again. 😐

At last, it came to the last class we were attending for the week. Music. All we really had to do was to do two practical tests, and we were free to do whatever else we wanted to. The first test was to sing the Japanese song “Looking for Father”, and the easier of the two, clap a short set of notes with your palms. That aside, I went home.

I immediately did my assignment in Math, although I haven’t finished the two extra items, and sat down in front of the computer. I then checked Katy Towell’s fan page on Facebook. She’s one of my favorite online artists, and animators. When I checked her page, I was overjoyed to find out she finally has the contest details up. She’s holding a contest where in we have to send in an image of our own ghost letter. And the grand prizes are 3 of the letters from her “31 letters of Halloween” posts! Yay! You can check out the contest for yourself here:

Unseen Letters – Halloween in March Contest!

But that’s not all that’s happened. As I was typing this in, I was also checking my account on Multiply. And, I was literally flipping over in excitement, when I saw that Hatah Hatah, my favorite online shop, was also holding a contest! It’s basically a photo contest, you wear a hat you bought from them, and then you send it over to them for judging! You can wear anything, as long as you keep the hat. Yay! 😀

Well, good luck to me, I’ll be entering both contests!

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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An old poem I found. O_o


I was rummaging through last year’s memorabilla, and found a piece of paper. It was crumpled, and of course, before I threw it out, I checked what was written on it. And I was surprised to find out it’s a copy of a poem I made for English Class. I didn’t remember making two copies of it, and the other one that I knew I wrote, was passed to our teacher, which never came back. So I’ve decided to share it with you guys.

And before you ask, we were told to use the poem Carabao: Impressionistic as reference, and pick any animal for it. Here’s that poem, then I’ll show you mine.

Carabao: Impressionistic
by Conrado V. Pedroche

This is a Carabao, horns, hide and hoofs,
a huge hemispherical belly well-filled and pampered;
a long tapering tail ending in a tuft of hair
heavy with caked mud whipping the sides
right and left, right and left;
tongue sticky licking wet
fly-infested nostrils in and out, in and out;
eyes wide and hairy,
neck furrowed and rough,
the chant of chewing jaws,
the slow unvarying motion of grinding teeth, the quiet of shifting cud;
a bird poised for flight upon the back – suspended grace of wings, unuttered loveliness song:
this –this a marvelous statue in live bronze strong,
majestic and more wonderful far
than all the ways of Gods and fools.

There you go! Now here’s mine. o3o

Dragon Impressionistic

This is a dragon: fangs, scales, and claws
A large towering body, tough and scaled:
Ending with a tail heavy and thick,
Marred with the scars of battle
Thump-thump, thump-thump
Claws long and sharp and red, dripping blood
Flame line nostrils, flames in and out, in and out
Eyes piercing with glares and stares
Tongue long and forked, teeth sharp and hooked
And wings, skinned and prepared for flight
The hum of flapping wings, the repeated beats
The grace of gliding wings, the soft steady motion
Of lifting and lowering, lifting and lowering
Suspended in the length of time, unseen majesty of nature
A beast hidden from sight
Strong, smart and more agile by far
Than all the predators of the land.

That’s it. Weirdness is over. xP

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Book reviews? SO NOT FUN. D:

Chinese Cinderella

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Well, I was kinda bored, so I decided to post about it. In English class, we’re discussing the book Chinese Cinderella, by Adeline Yen Mah. It’s an autobiography about the childhood of an unwanted chinese daughter, blamed by her siblings and parents for the death of their mother, who died two weeks after giving birth to her. It’s quite a good book, I enjoyed reading it, because as I read it, it was as if I was really there; I could see flashes of sceneries in China during that time.

Now, I finished the book faster than most of the class, save for those who also love reading and were able to buy the book earlier than me. So, during the reports, where in intervals our teacher would ask us questions, I can participate freely without taking more than a glance at the book.

 But here comes the fun part. A while back in school, during English Class, our teacher announced that we were going to do a book review on Chinese Cinderella. We groaned, because we had a knack for being lazy and prone to procastinating. But the good side was that we were given guidelines, which somewhat eased the load. Now we just had to worry about passing it on time. We only had until October 1st to pass it, any later and our teacher wouldn’t accept it. That’s why, right now, I’m doing a draft for it. Wish me luck, and hope I don’t forget to finish it!


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