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Skary Friday. (Not really)


I just got home from school, and I feel GREAT! Today was just SPLENDID. Not too normal, but not too crazy either.

It basically starts from Math Class, where we had Harmonic Sequences. At first, I wanted to throw my notebook outside the window, but when Miss Toni explained it further, I found out it wasn’t any harder than the Arithmetic Sequences. As it was like most other Fridays, there was an assignment she left with us. It would have been alright, if one of my classmates wasn’t stupid enough to remark on how short our assignment is in front of our teacher. So it happened that Miss Toni decided to add two more HARD items to our assignment. Great.

Everything else was normal, other than the insanely easy essay test for History class. I mean, a 5 item essay test? Each question worth 10 points? What could possibly go wrong? NOTHING! I mean, it would be impressive if someone still manages to fail that one. I, for that matter, DOES NOT LISTEN TO OUR HISTORY TEACHER. But then again, the essay only requires your common sense. And I think I have enough of that stuff.

I spent the rest of the day groaning about how hungry I am, since during our afternoon break, I left my food upstairs, and I couldn’t go back for it, because by the time I got back down, it’ll be time to go up again. 😐

At last, it came to the last class we were attending for the week. Music. All we really had to do was to do two practical tests, and we were free to do whatever else we wanted to. The first test was to sing the Japanese song “Looking for Father”, and the easier of the two, clap a short set of notes with your palms. That aside, I went home.

I immediately did my assignment in Math, although I haven’t finished the two extra items, and sat down in front of the computer. I then checked Katy Towell’s fan page on Facebook. She’s one of my favorite online artists, and animators. When I checked her page, I was overjoyed to find out she finally has the contest details up. She’s holding a contest where in we have to send in an image of our own ghost letter. And the grand prizes are 3 of the letters from her “31 letters of Halloween” posts! Yay! You can check out the contest for yourself here:

Unseen Letters – Halloween in March Contest!

But that’s not all that’s happened. As I was typing this in, I was also checking my account on Multiply. And, I was literally flipping over in excitement, when I saw that Hatah Hatah, my favorite online shop, was also holding a contest! It’s basically a photo contest, you wear a hat you bought from them, and then you send it over to them for judging! You can wear anything, as long as you keep the hat. Yay! 😀

Well, good luck to me, I’ll be entering both contests!

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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*yawn* This is boring.


Today, is a holiday here in the Philippines, more specifically, Edsa day. It’s the day when our country was freed from Marcos’ dictatorship, and democracy was restored. I had hoped today would be interesting, but alas, no.

So I spent my time watching TV, reading books, eating and sleeping. And from time to time, I would read the stuff on my Tumblr dashboard. I would also open my tumblr page so I can listen to the music on it. When I did so, I realized my tumblr seriously needed a facelift. So I decided to give it one.

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I’m back! So sorry… ;-;

Hi! So sorry. D:

For the past months, I have been on a hiatus. That’s for a couple of reasons.

  • Internet was as slow as a snaaiiiiilllll.
  • I have been as busy as a beeee~
  • Intramurals is nearing.
  • I was busy writing a humble little story.
  • I was obsessed with doodling.

I know, those are lame excuses, but hey, better than nothing. o3o

Now, since I mentioned a story, I’ll tell you about it.

If you guys remember, I posted this drawing of mine from a game called Thing thing. Yeah, to be honest, I’m obsessed with the thing. So much I’ve been inspired to make a fanfiction. It’s set 5 years after the end of the series, and it focuses on a bioweapon, more precisely, Project 160, aka Freya. I’ve made this little preview for the public, not that I think anyone will be interested. It’s not A-class, but hey, I like it.

Download Biohazard Preview

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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Hi! Good morning!

Apologies if the place has become rather quiet, I’ve had too much fun drawing and doodling the past few days. Why wouldn’t I, I have fresh stocks of drawing materials, and my dad bought me a graphics tablet for Christmas! Hooray!

Well, it all started when I was too bored, and had no idea what to post. So rather than just stare at the computer screen and it’s blinking cursor, I whipped out my pencil and started doodling. But here’s the catch: I still didn’t have anything to draw! I thought for a while, and decided to draw my character in one of my favorite games, Thing thing.

Now, you might have that imaginary question mark over your heads wondering, “What’s Thing thing?” and well, I’m hear to answer that! Thing thing is a game in which you take the role of a biological weapon made to kill, but instead broke out of his cell and decided to have a little taste of freedom. Now before you go and search it on the net, I have to warn you, IT IS BLOODY. And by bloody I mean, flying brains and body parts when you shoot your enemies. So yeah.

After a couple of hours drawing, I came up with this:

My character in Thing thing.

Yeah, that’s how it looks like. Also, I drew my favorite weapons in the game, the sword, and a Viper .44 Magnum.

Now, as for the tablet…it was pretty unexpected, I’ll say. My dad woke me up earlier than my internal clock would dictate, so I was pretty moody for the first 2 hours. But eventually, I was back to my old, quirky self. I was literally flipping around the store when I found out Dad was going to buy me a tablet.

As soon as we got home, I decided to try it out. It wasn’t any different from drawing using a pen on paper, other than the fact I had to keep steady pressure on the pen, otherwise the drawing will look jittery. I practiced on random doodles first, then I decided to draw one of the pages for my thing thing fan fiction. (Yes, I am obsessed with the game, sorry!) It fast forwards to around 5 years after Project 154 was terminated, and we now look at a New generation of Projects, namely the Ragnarok Phase. So far I’ve only written the draft, maybe when I finish, I’ll post it here. 😉 Oh, before I forget, here’s the page I was talking about.

Project 160’s File (Click for full size)

Nightsoul Bladeheart


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All I want for Christmas….

…are on this list right here.

Good morning! Today, I got bored and drew a little bit on my sketchpad. I was just about to finish drawing a landscape when my pencil’s lead broke. While I was rummaging around to find the pencil sharpener, I realized something. Why not make a Christmas Wishlist with all the things you really want? I thought it wouldn’t hurt, so I posted it here.

  • A Tablet. It would make drawing and coloring on Photoshop so much easier.
  • Pencils with lead that don’t break easily under heavy grip.
  • Vibrant Watercolor! The ones I have at the moment are too dull and get too hard when I lessen the water portion.
  • A set of Paintbrushes. It’s not easy to paint when you only have two paintbrushes, one that’s too small, one that’s horribly big.
  • Colored Pencils with vibrant colors that actually blend well.
  • Good Gel Pens. I only have three colors, black, green, and red.


That’s all I really can think of right now. Anything you’ve noticed? I’ll give you a hint: media.

Nightsoul Bladeheart

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You could be happy…and I won’t know.

But you weren’t happy the day I watched you go…

Hey. To be honest, I’m having a hard time right now. All because of my stupidity and negligence. It all led to the burning down of the bridge I worked so hard to build this last year. But knowing you, you’re stubborn. So from that, I can say that I can’t convince you I’m not angry at you.

But then again, maybe it’s because I don’t want to try, because I know I’ll be rejected? I don’t know. But all I can say is, that the only place you’ll probably find a trace of this sadness is in this here blog. Otherwise, I’ll live my life as happy as it can be if I didn’t meet you. But I’m not angry at you, I’m angry at myself for making such a mistake.

As of now, to remind myself never to make the same mistake again, I’m quite hooked on Snow Patrol’s song, “You Could Be Happy”. In the post title, and in the first line of this post, are two lines from the song. And now, I’ll give you a free download link of the song, so you can listen to it if you want, and if you’d like, a link to the lyrics.

You Could Be Happy Lyrics
Download You Could Be Happy By Snow Patrol from my FileFactory

And to make it uniform, I started this with two lines from the song, I’ll end it with another two.

And all the things I wish I had not said,

Are played in loops till it’s madness in my head…


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My first blog award? Cheese FTW!

Oh, seriously?

Just today, I checked HollyTheStrange’s blog, and there was some sort of Awarding ceremony going on. I checked it out, and I was surprised to find out that I had been awarded the Pencil Person award. According to her post, it’s because she thought my drawings looked pretty good, I deserved some sort of award for it.

And, I feel honored. For the full blog post, click the link below. And I must also recommend that you read her blog, it’s quite interesting.

The Strange Awards!

Also, I am pleased to announce I am finally have enough free time to resume the 30 day drawing challenge! I will try as much as possible to catch up, I stopped at day 4, and by now, I should be around day 17.

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