Day 1 of Intramurals~

It’s the first day of intramurals, and everything’s already crazy! Pretty much we’re third in rankings. uUuUgh! We can still catch up! AAAAAAHHHHH. xD

Sorry, just really high. :))

Well anyways, we were second in the Cheerdance competition, which I’m uploading videos of right now…but it’s not going too well. Dx I’ll let you know when I’ve figured it out. o3o

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Uggh. I think I’ll be reduced to giblets by Friday.

Hey! Ahhh….soo nervous! Tomorrow marks the start of the Highschool Intramurals, and well, I’m a wreck. I’ll be playing Scrabble, against higher levels! Gawk. Well, anyways, I’ll be recording some of the games, but of course, I won’t miss out on the Cheering and Cheerdance! I don’t have to worry about not being able to record my team’s performance either, they’re going first. Good luck to them!!

But it sucks, I still have to work on the AP project. Some powerpoint about Social Studies, I guess. =/

That aside, I’m posting this from another computer, since dad got mad at me—no, my brother for letting my aunt hog the computer…as usual. He said he’s not letting us use the computer until we find his stylus. Kinda weird in my opinion, but hey, I don’t care anymore! I found it already. 😀 Well, I gotta go. x.x

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Ah, flatfoot!

Hi. x.x

Aggh. My feet hurt. Today, all we did in school was prepare for intramurals 2011. Once again, I’m in the props group, so not much, spent my time finishing and repairing the shields we were supposed to make. After that we made several trips up and down stairs, and that’s where the pain came. The stairs was a little lopsided, so going up there put some pressure on my right heel, where in my right foot was the dominant one. So after walking up and down the lopsided stairs, there was this instance I slipped, and I almost fell. I caught hold of myself, but I put too much pressure on my right foot and it felt as if I sprained it. So for the rest of the day I hobbled around on my good foot, because every time I put weight on my foot, it’s like I’m stepping barefoot on a mixture of nails, glass shards and other stuff painful to step on. =___=

Also, the reason for the title is that I really am a flatfoot, and mom says that accounts for most of my foot pain. But, I dunno, I don’t usually feel it. Or is because I’m accustomed to it? O.o

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I’m back! So sorry… ;-;

Hi! So sorry. D:

For the past months, I have been on a hiatus. That’s for a couple of reasons.

  • Internet was as slow as a snaaiiiiilllll.
  • I have been as busy as a beeee~
  • Intramurals is nearing.
  • I was busy writing a humble little story.
  • I was obsessed with doodling.

I know, those are lame excuses, but hey, better than nothing. o3o

Now, since I mentioned a story, I’ll tell you about it.

If you guys remember, I posted this drawing of mine from a game called Thing thing. Yeah, to be honest, I’m obsessed with the thing. So much I’ve been inspired to make a fanfiction. It’s set 5 years after the end of the series, and it focuses on a bioweapon, more precisely, Project 160, aka Freya. I’ve made this little preview for the public, not that I think anyone will be interested. It’s not A-class, but hey, I like it.

Download Biohazard Preview

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Hi! Good morning!

Apologies if the place has become rather quiet, I’ve had too much fun drawing and doodling the past few days. Why wouldn’t I, I have fresh stocks of drawing materials, and my dad bought me a graphics tablet for Christmas! Hooray!

Well, it all started when I was too bored, and had no idea what to post. So rather than just stare at the computer screen and it’s blinking cursor, I whipped out my pencil and started doodling. But here’s the catch: I still didn’t have anything to draw! I thought for a while, and decided to draw my character in one of my favorite games, Thing thing.

Now, you might have that imaginary question mark over your heads wondering, “What’s Thing thing?” and well, I’m hear to answer that! Thing thing is a game in which you take the role of a biological weapon made to kill, but instead broke out of his cell and decided to have a little taste of freedom. Now before you go and search it on the net, I have to warn you, IT IS BLOODY. And by bloody I mean, flying brains and body parts when you shoot your enemies. So yeah.

After a couple of hours drawing, I came up with this:

My character in Thing thing.

Yeah, that’s how it looks like. Also, I drew my favorite weapons in the game, the sword, and a Viper .44 Magnum.

Now, as for the tablet…it was pretty unexpected, I’ll say. My dad woke me up earlier than my internal clock would dictate, so I was pretty moody for the first 2 hours. But eventually, I was back to my old, quirky self. I was literally flipping around the store when I found out Dad was going to buy me a tablet.

As soon as we got home, I decided to try it out. It wasn’t any different from drawing using a pen on paper, other than the fact I had to keep steady pressure on the pen, otherwise the drawing will look jittery. I practiced on random doodles first, then I decided to draw one of the pages for my thing thing fan fiction. (Yes, I am obsessed with the game, sorry!) It fast forwards to around 5 years after Project 154 was terminated, and we now look at a New generation of Projects, namely the Ragnarok Phase. So far I’ve only written the draft, maybe when I finish, I’ll post it here. 😉 Oh, before I forget, here’s the page I was talking about.

Project 160’s File (Click for full size)

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Yeah, new diary-planner!

Oh yeah! The party was great!

Since it was a Christmas Party, of course there was an exchange of gifts. I pulled out a guy, so I ran into a little trouble picking out what to give. I settled for a shirt, because, well, that’s the only thing I could think of besides hats, which I think is pretty generic these days. When it was time to get our gifts, our adviser had asked us to open the gift right away, and show the class what they got. We got some pretty quirky gifts, like a hotdog pillow, the kind that’s long is put at the side. There was also a tiny trinket drawer, and the like.  And there was this one gift that really cracked us up!

At first glance, the gift was shaped like a cone. We were trying to figure out what it was before Ron got to open it. But, when he did, it was full of crumpled newspapers. Ron had gone through the whole lot of newspapers, but we couldn’t find the present. The gifter explained the the gift was wrapped in one of the newspaper balls.  Finally we found out the it was a cap! Who knew?

What I got was perfect! It was a diary-planner, complete with event calendars, monthly and weekly planners too. There were even pages for random writings and doodles. Here are some photos of it:

The Diary itself. Ain't it charming? 😀

The cute tree detail at front.

The two trees at the back.

The diary along with my two new pens. ♥

As you can see, I get gifts that involve writing and the like. Well, I don’t mind, because it just fits well. I even got a new mystery book from my good friend Gladys. Unfortunately I can’t read it yet because I still have 4 more books to finish.

My new book. 😀

As for the planner, I’ll save it for January, so I can use it all year long. Heh.

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Yeah, finally!!!

It’s been a while since my last post…well, I can explain that. Basically because it’s exams week. And when it’s exams week, I really have to focus on my studies, unless I want to fail on purpose. But who does that, seriously? Well, anyways, after days of sleepless nights reviewing, and mornings of panicking in my seat, it finally pays off. Tomorrow’s our Christmas Party, and tomorrow, oh, our sweet, long-awaited Christmas Vacation! PARTY PARTY!!!

During our Christmas Party, we get to go in civilian, and well, we play party games, roam around and the like. Best of all, THERE ARE NO RESTRICTIONS. I just wish it lasted longer. Makes it more fun. Now, I’ll just decide on what to wear and what to bring…

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